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Dental Intra Oral Cameras

Dental intra oral cameras are a useful tool for gaining access in hard-to-view places, and are particularly important for inspecting and diagnosing patients. MDSNQ sells a number of dental intra oral cameras for many different types of dental procedures and purposes. With high quality intra oral cameras you can gain more effective and valuable vision, while ensuring the comfort of your patients throughout the procedure.

At MDSNQ we pride ourselves on the quality of the products we sell.  Thanks to their seamless design, our dental intra oral cameras are capable of clearly depicting the desired scene and seamlessly magnifying images. Having clear and relevant footage of a patient’s problem area is crucial for delivering effective diagnosis and for operating in the area. The high resolution images also allow for easy communication of any problem areas between dentist and patient. Dental intra oral cameras implement a great range of highly sought-after features in dental equipment, including exceptional image quality and zoom, as well as effective LED light variations. You can choose your ideal dental intra oral camera based on shape, weight and angles to best serve the needs and preferences of your dental practice.

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Sopro 617 Camera
Masterpiece Its elegant (curved) design improves your viewing access into the patient’s mouth. Th..
$4,905.00 $3,999.00
Ex Tax: $3,635.45
Sopro 717 Camera
Discover Macrovision! In dentistry, numerous daily activities require magnification glasses or a..
$6,760.00 $4,998.99
Ex Tax: $4,544.54
Increase your treatment acceptance “Patients treat what they see” – Dr. Jason Dunville, Doctor of..
$8,370.00 $5,998.99
Ex Tax: $5,453.63
The Blue Revolution Over the last five years, we applied all of our technical expertise, in conju..
$8,370.00 $5,998.99
Ex Tax: $5,453.63