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Medical Audiometers and Audiometry Equipment

An audiometer is a machine that is most commonly used to help evaluate a person’s hearing loss. Medical audiometers and audiometry equipment is generally used by ENT clinics and in audiology clinics that test the extent of hearing loss of their patients. The machines come in either hardware, software or PC-enabled versions, with each version being slightly better than its predecessor. The equipment relies heavily on being able to be calibrated easily and effectively, otherwise it won’t work. We provide only the best medical audiometers and audiometry equipment, stocking both the software and PC-enabled ranges.


Why use an audiometer

Audiometers are used to test an individual's ability to hear sounds, which vary based on their loudness and the speed of sound wave vibrations. Medical audiometers and audiometry equipment is needed to detect hearing loss at the earliest possible stage. These instruments are also available for use where a person already suffers from hearing problems from any cause, such as acoustic trauma, chronic ear infection, head injury, occupational hearing loss, ruptured eardrum or an inherited condition.

When to use an audiometer

An audiometer ought to be used where it is necessary to determine the kind and degree of hearing loss in an individual. For some, the ability to hear is lost only in high or low tones, or only relates to air or bone condition. By determining the amount and type of hearing loss, it may be possible to determine the cause and chances of recovering the individual's hearing.

How to use an audiometer

Using medical audiometers and audiometry equipment is the most precise measurement of hearing. A pair of earphones attached to the audiometer are worn by the patient. The audiometer will then deliver pure tones of controlled intensity to one ear at a time. The healthcare professional can measure the patient's hearing by requesting the patient to indicate when they hear a sound through the audiometer. The volume required by the patient to hear each tone delivered by the audiometer is graphed and used for accurate measurement.

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