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CryoAlfa Super N20 Cryotherapy Device with 1mm tip

CryoAlfa Super N20 Cryotherapy Device with 1mm tip
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~~What is CryoAlfa?

The CryoAlfa is a highly portable, simple and effective handheld cryotherapy device for accurate treatment of skin lesions, making it ideal for general practice, dermatology, podiatry and minor surgery applications. To apply the cryogenic liquid gas the dispenser tip is touched against the skin surface and activated by the finger trigger. The liquid gas travels at a mean speed of 40 m/s in a phase stable state (gaseous state) enabling cells to be destroyed accurately and safely. For example a target area with a diameter of 10 mm and a depth of 3 mm can be frozen to -40 ºC within 12 seconds which will ultimately result in absolute cell destruction. The CryoAlfa is an alternative solution for cryotherapy without the cost and safety complications associated with liquid nitrogen.

Why use CryoAlfa?
Low treatment costs
Simple and secure handling
Extremely precise application, with a constant temperature of -89° C at the base of probe
Ergonomic design; fits in the hand like a pen
Effective treatment of all types of skin lesions
Accessories for special applications in gynaecology, proctology, urology, plastic surgery, dentistry, veterinary medicine, podiatry and aesthetics
Also ideal for home visits, nursing homes, etc.
Post treatment care is minimal
No destruction of biological function and structures
Excellent cosmetic effects, almost no scar formations
Non bleeding treatment , no anaesthesia required
Practically painless, suitable for children

Majority of symptoms disappear after single use
No long waiting times in hospitals and specialised clinics

Safety advantages
No need to handle dangerous cryogenic gases or liquids
Incorporates a new and improved safety design which allows easy on/off fitting of the cartridge
Two internal filters prevent sediment build up
Sterilisable tips
The device can be safely kept in a drawer ready for use at any time

Warranty information

All CryoAlfa devices have a 2 year warranty valid from the moment at which the device is received by the end user. This warranty does not cover damages to the device caused by the user, such as broken tips or dropped units, nor does the warranty cover costs resulting from incorrect use of the devices, incorrect treatment or failure to observe safety instructions

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