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CryoPro Maxi Cryosurgical Flask 500ml With Stand And 6 Spray

CryoPro Maxi Cryosurgical Flask 500ml With Stand And 6 Spray
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The CryoPro Flask is robust in design and construction, providing a reliable
tool for your surgery. It builds in safety features like a relief valve and a
precision trigger for ease of use. The CryoFlask is available in both 350 and
500 ml capacity. Included with each flask is a set of 6-tips and probes. The
CryoFlask is covered by a 3-year warranty.

State of the art cryosurgery

As the leading European supplier of liquid nitrogen cryosurgical equipment
Cortex Technology offers a complete range of treatment units, accessories and
storage tanks.

Combining their extensive experience with the most up-to-date design features
they proudly present the CryoPro series of cryosurgical treatment units
providing outstanding performance in terms of safety, ease of operation and
reliability. Further, the CryoPro offers full compatibility with other popular
liquid nitrogen units, i.e. spray apertures and contact probes for other systems
may be used with the CryoPro units as well.


Simplicity, high cure rate and reliability are keywords for liquid nitrogen
cryosurgery as well established and preferred treatment for various skin
lesions. The treatment is associated with minimal pain, and non or minimal
anesthesia is needed.

In cryosurgery a number of other coolants such as nitrous oxide, carbon
dioxide and dimethyl ether / propane are used. However, these coolants do not
reach temperatures below minus 90ºC and can only be used for contact

Further, some are environmentally unfriendly and introduce safety hazards.
Liquid nitrogen provides superior efficacy at minus 196ºC and offers both spray
and contact freezing. Also, liquid nitrogen is safe, friendly to the
environment, and readily available from gas suppliers.

The low temperature, the variety of accessories and the high cure rate
combined with excellent cosmetic results and ease of operation makes CryoPro
liquid nitrogen cryosurgery the most versatile cryosurgical treatment available
at a very low cost per treatment.


The CryoPro is available in two sizes: CryoPro Maxi with 500ml capacity
(20-24 hrs. static holding time) and CryoPro Mini offering a 350ml capacity (12
– 14 hrs. static holding time).

Each unit comes with a set of spray applicators for most common lesions (e.g.
warts, small tumors etc.). Optionally, contact probes are available in various
sizes. These probes are particularly useful to control the lateral spread of the
freeze (e.g. near the eye of in the oral cavity). Contact probes are selected to
fit the actual lesion, and they offer a deep freeze with minimal lateral


Cryosurgery using liquid nitrogen is the treatment of choice or an alternate
method of treatment for many skin lesions including: verruca, basal cell
carcinoma, actinic keratosis, lentigo, naevus to mention a few.

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