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Medical Drug Safes

Medicine and drugs are invaluable resources, so the last thing you want is to find yourself inconvenienced by lost or stolen goods. MDSNQ offer a range of high quality medical drug safes so you can rest easy knowing that your products and instruments are housed in a secure and safe environment. Fitted with 10mm steel plates to ensure that your medical drug safe will be impenetrable, each safe is constructed in compliance with the official Health Department specifications and is finished with a durable grey enamel paint.

Don't keep your materials out in the open - protect them in the latest technology in drug safes from MDSNQ. With enough space to hold a large number of important drugs, our drug safes also feature a pick-resistant lock that stops intruders in their tracks. All of our products are available for delivery so you won't have to go out of your way to obtain one of our world-class medical drug safes. If you're looking to keep your medicine and drugs in a high security safe, check out our product range to choose one that suits your needs.

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Drug Safe 3 Shelves
Features: External dimensions: 320mmW x 150mmD x 450mmH Weight: 46kg Constructed from 10..
Ex Tax: $745.00
Drug Safe 4 Shelves
Features: External dimensions: 450mmW x 175mmD x 600mmH Weight: 70kg Constructed from 10mm ste..
Ex Tax: $900.00