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Medical Ear Irrigators

Our range of medical ear irrigators feature safe, comfortable equipment for the medical industry to remove excess earwax and other foreign materials from the ear. Due to the highly sensitive nature of the ear, it is imperative that the proper quality equipment is used to minimise the risk of damage to the ear. Ear irrigation is normally undertaken when excess earwax that may have gone hard causes a blockage in the ear, resulting in earaches, ringing in the ears, or even temporary hearing loss.

To ensure optimal efficiency our medical ear irrigators are designed according to new standards that simplify the removal of cerumen, keratin and foreign bodies from the external auditory meatus. For the very best in medical ear irrigator equipment, look no further than MDSNQ. Our variety of medical ear irrigators for medical professionals include cleaning tablets, valves, irrigators and tanks that work in unison to provide the patient with a system that is safe, convenient and patient-friendly. 

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ProPulse Cleaning Tablets (200)
Propulse Cleaning tablets are special strength detergent sanitiser tablets for ear irrigator 1 x Tu..
Ex Tax: $45.00
Propulse Mushroom Valve Pkt 5
Replacement mushroom valves and washers for the Propulse II and III ear irrigators. - Pack of 5..
Ex Tax: $16.80