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Medical ECG Machine Sales, Testing, Repairs in Brisbane, Cairns, and Townsville

Medical ECG (or electrocardiography) machines are an acclaimed piece of medical equipment used to record the electrical activity of the heart. A number of electrodes are usually attached to different areas of the body to measure electrical changes during each heartbeat. If the heart rate is compromised in any way, the machine will recognise this and display any irregularities. MDSNQ house a large range of medical ECG electrocardiography machines for use in your professional medical practice. 

Through the use of an ECG machine you can determine and test a number of factors, including the whether your heart rate is below or above the ordinary, and whether it is regular. If your heart beat is tested and found to be irregular, treatments can be implemented to address these critical issues. What’s more, medical ECG electrocardiography machines can also test the strength of a patient’s heart beat. A strong heartbeat can show a healthy heart while a weak heartbeat may need to be tested further. Our range of high quality medical ECG electrocardiography machines will give you the confidence you need when making a medical diagnosis. Check out our range for more information on specific brands and models.

Medical Dental Solutions also provide ECG testing and repair services in Brisbane, Cairns, and Townsville. To find out more about how Medical Dental Solutions can assist you with testing and repairing ECG machines in Brisbane, Townsville, Cairns, contact our office on 1300 158 685!

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Edan SE-12 Express 12 Lead A4 Colour ECG
Features: 3 year warranty Portable & Robust A4 Z-Fold or Roll One touch operation..
Ex Tax: $4,750.00
Edan SE-1200 12 Lead A4 ECG
Features: 3 year warranty Portable & Robust A4 Z-Fold or Roll One touch operation..
Ex Tax: $2,995.00
Edan SE-601 Portable 12 Lead - 6 Channel ECG
Features: 3 Year Warranty Portable & Compact 110mm Z-fold 6 channel Printout ..
Ex Tax: $2,350.00
Norav 1200M 12 Lead PC-ECG
Features: Easy interface to Medical Director and other EMR (Electron..
Ex Tax: $1,950.00
Norav Wireless Blue 12 Lead PC-ECG
NEW: Wireless Bluetooth™ Connectivity (no PC connection cable) Interpretive high re..
Ex Tax: $2,350.00
QRS Universal 12 Channel PC ECG
The Universal ECG is the easy-to-use, smallest and lightest 12-channel ECG from QRS. Connect the Uni..
Ex Tax: $2,527.43