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Medical Immobilisation and Support Equipment

If you've recently had an accident and are looking for physical support, don't look past our range of medical immobilisation and support equipment. We carry everything from cardboard splints to full body vacuum mattresses. Our products are built for both personal use and professional use. In the case of an emergency, a patient may be in need of implements such as fully body stretchers and KED sleds to prevent any further harm. Injuries to the spinal cord are particularly difficult to deal with which is why our medical immobilisation and support equipment products are equipped with the proper straps and holsters so you can minimise any movement.

Small immobilisation products such as neck collars and splints allow patients to ensure the safety of their body while being at home. These products can also be purchased for personal use if you have an injury that requires further support. If you're interested in any medical immobilisation and support equipment, take the time to have a look at our range - you won't be disappointed.

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Ferno Full Body Vacuum Mattress
Ferno All-In-One Vacuum Mattress provides immobilisation of casualties in cases of suspected vertebr..
Ex Tax: $1,457.92
Ferno KED Pro Extrication Device
The Ferno KED Pro has many industry requested improvements to the original Ferno KED. These improvem..
Ex Tax: $535.08
Ferno Vacuum Splint Set
The Ferno Vacuum Splint Set provides maximum support with minimum effort. Each splint is construc..
Ex Tax: $1,202.58
Stifneck Extrication Collar
Features: Locks ensure selected sizes stay in place Now includes New integrated fastner for the ..
Ex Tax: $26.00
Stifneck Select Collar
Adult Price = $35.00 Pediatric Price = $29.00 Please Choose the option you Require The..
Ex Tax: $29.75
Stifneck Set (All Sizes) in Carry Bag
Preferred for over 20 years, the original Stifneck extrication collar remains the standard of care f..
Ex Tax: $184.00