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Medical and Surgical Exam Lights

When working with patients, the ever-important medical and surgical exam lights can readily be overlooked. However, quality lighting plays a huge part in the ease of an intricate operation or medical examination. Our medical and surgical exam lights offer a powerful LED light which is able to light up even the darkest of areas so you won't struggle with any viewing difficulties.

Offering superior convenience, a stand-alone flexible medical examination light can bend and mould into any position, allowing medical practitioners to shine light in hard-to-reach areas. Mounted on wheels, stand-alone examination lights can simply be dragged into the place required and pushed away when not needed. These practical exam lights will give you the advantage of saving space, as the thin body makes them lightweight, compact and highly discrete in medical environments. A flexible stand-alone light is a great addition to any medical facility and can be used by any general practitioner, specialist or hospital worker. For the very best in medical and surgical exam lights look no further than MDSNQ.

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Q3 Mobile LED Examination Lamp - FREE MOBILE STAND & DIMMER
The Q series Examination Lamps are intended for the use in minor surgery rooms, outpatient examina..
Ex Tax: $349.00
Q35 Mobile Halogen Examination Lamp - FREE MOBILE STAND & DIMMER
FREE MOBILE STAND & DIMMER  Q35 Mobile Halogen Examination Lamp Halogen Examination L..
Ex Tax: $295.00
Solis 60 Ceiling Mounted Surgical Light
The circular reflector, designed to light up the work area thoroughly and suppress all the shadows, ..
Ex Tax: $2,995.00