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Dental Portable Suction Pumps and Units Sales and Repairs in Brisbane, Cairns, and Townsville

Every dental practitioner needs reliable and durable dental portable suction pumps and units to ensure the highest quality dental cleaning services available to their clients. At MDSNQ we combine the latest technology and modern style to deliver leading dental products that you can trust. Our dental portable suction pumps and dental suction units are designed for portability, allowing the user to move more comfortably around the dental practice. With the functionality of long-lasting battery life, these dental suction pumps and units are suitable for use on tracheotomised patients, minor surgical applications and post-operative therapy at home, making them a must-have for all dental practitioners.

Not only are our devices portable and sustainable, but our range of portable suction unit are designed with a highly heat-resistant material made from electrically insulated plastic. All of our dental portable suction pumps and units come with the latest European safety standard or a two year limited warranty to ensure the utmost safety and protection of your clients. For high quality and reliable dental portable suction pumps and units, view the range of trustworthy dental products at MDSNQ. 

Medical Dental Solutions also provide dental suction equipment repairs in Brisbane, Cairns, and Townsville. To find out more about how Medical Dental Solutions can assist you with dental suction equipment repairs in Brisbane, Townsville, Cairns, contact our office on 1300 158 685!

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CA-MI Askir 230/12V Suction Pump
CA-MI New Askir 230 12V BR Surgical Aspirator NEW ASKIR 230/12V BR is a device working with 230V ..
Ex Tax: $790.00
CA-MI Askir 30 Suction Pump
CA-MI New Askir 30 Suction Pump 30 Litre 240 Volt NEW ASKIR 30 it’s a surgical aspirator working ..
Ex Tax: $590.00
Laerdal Compact Suction Unit 4, 300ml
Laerdal’s LCSU 4 suction unit combines rugged design with lightweight portability, an essential tool..
Ex Tax: $608.00
Laerdal Compact Suction Unit 4, 800ml
One-hand-grip design Small and lightweight 800 ml canister option when extra volume..
Ex Tax: $673.00