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Dental Ultrasonic Cleaners and Cleaning Baths

Germs and bacteria are an imminent part of dental facilities. When the potential for diseases and contagious illnesses to spread is apparent, it's important to ensure all tools used on patients are thoroughly cleaned and sterilised. That's why dental ultrasonic cleaners and cleaning baths are an integral part of safe and healthy dental practice. 

MDSNQ supply some of the best quality dental ultrasonic cleaners and cleaning baths available. Dental cleaning baths are capable of removing any sediments which may transfer from your patient in a highly effective manner. Available in a variety of sizes, our Soniclean range of dental ultrasonic cleaning baths are capable of storing anywhere between 1.6 litres through to 15 litre baths.

Equipped with a display of real-time data and a range of programmable features, dental practitioners will enjoy the luxury of more control than ever before. These ultrasonic cleaners are among some of the most advanced cleaning machines available on the market and are sure to make the running of your dental practice more efficient and more sanitary. No matter the needs of your practice, MDSNQ is sure to have dental ultrasonic cleaners and cleaning baths to suit your needs.

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Soniclean 1.6L Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath
Ultrasonic cleaners are essential for ensuring optimal sanitation of medical tools. Soniclean 1.6L U..
Ex Tax: $865.00
Soniclean 10L Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath
Ultrasonic cleansers are used for cleaning medical and dental tools to remove sediments like blood a..
Ex Tax: $2,535.00
Soniclean 3L Ultrasonic Cleaner
When it comes to ultrasonic cleaners, you won’t find one more effective than the Soniclean 3L Ultras..
Ex Tax: $1,195.00
Soniclean 6L Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath
For the most effective yet quiet ultrasonic cleaner available, look no further than the Soniclean 6L..
Ex Tax: $1,545.00