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11 Tips for the Validation Process of a Steriliser

We receive many queries from practices at Sterilizer Validation time.  There is some confusion over how to perform the biological validation after the Technician has performed the Yearly Performance Qualification testing. MDS will carry out the biological validation upon request, otherwise we will supply the biological vials and carry out the results testing.

Click here to see our tips for validating a steriliser!


Meditrax Label Applicator

The Meditrax Label Applicator Tutorial demonstrates how to load the Labels and replace the Ink Roller.


Melag Autoclave Weekly Vacuum Test

Please follow the steps in the video that will show you step-by-step - How to perform a Weekly Vacuum Test on your Melag Autoclave


How to Operate your Cominox Autoclave using the LCD panel

Please follow the step in the video that will help guide you through how to operate the LCD Screen on your Autoclave


How to perform routine Maintenance on your Cominox Autoclave

The get the best operation and lifespan out of your Cominox Autoclave, please follow the steps listed in the video for regular maintenance.