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Medical Equipment Installation Townsville

If you are searching for a company who offer medical equipment installation in Townsville, Medical Dental Solutions can assist you. We have professional medical equipment technicians available who can ensure all your medical equipment is installed correctly and safely, so your medical practice can run smoothly.  It is vital that all medical equipment is installed correctly so best practice can be maintained.

At Medical Dental Solutions our technicians have extensive experience installing and maintaining the following equipment:
•    Sterilizer / Autoclave
•    Ultrasonic cleaner
•    RO Unit / Demineralised water system
•    ECG Machine
•    Vital sign patient monitor
•    Spirometer
•    Pulse Oximeter
•    Nebuliser unit
•    Diagnostic set - Otoscope / ophthalmoscope
•    BP unit / Blood pressure unit
•    Ultrasound therapy unit
•    Portable Suction unit
•    Diathermy unit
•    X-ray viewer
•    Examination table
•    Podiatry drill
•    Patient lighting
•    Vaccine fridge

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