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5l Mediclean Fore Detergent

DESCRIPTION A mildly alkaline detergent with added enzymes and surfactants, and excellent material compatibility. For the manual and automated cleaning

5l Neodisher Mediklar Rinse Aid

DESCRIPTION A rinse aid product to aid in rapid, stain-free drying during automated reprocessing of thermostable and thermolabile surgical instruments.

5l Neodisher Z Acid Neutraliser

DESCRIPTION An acidic neutralising agent and detergent for the automated reprocessing of surgical instruments and laboratory glassware. APPLICATION Neutralisation of

Asepti Multizyme 5lt Liquid

Recommended for use in Miele thermal washer disinfectors Multi-enzyme endoscope and instrument detergent, 5L for optimum reprocessing of endoscopes, medical

Asepti Neutraliser

Asepti Neutraliser Citric acid brightener and de-scaler Features Asepti Neutraliser is a multifunctional citric acidic designed to inhibit scale build

Asepti Rinse Clear 5l Liquid

Recommended for use in Miele thermal washer disinfectors Neutral rinse additive, 5 l for rapid spot free drying of medical

Bacterial Air Filter / Medical S

1 x Sterilizer Bacteriological Filter

Door Seal For 500& Va Series / Lara / Medical S

Door Seal to fit the W&H Lisa 500 Steriliser

Dust Filter 500 (lisa / Lina) (large)

1 x Dust Filter to fit Lisa 500 Sterilizers

Lisa Va/b & Lara Dust Filter (small Dust Filter)

1 x dust filter to suit W&H Lisa VA/B & Lara sterilisers

Miele Thermal Washer Salt


W&h 400 – 800 Cycle Consumable Kit