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Hemodent – 10cc

Hemodent effectively stops minor gingival bleeding. It contains no epinephrine to help avoid cardiac reactions. Recommended to arrest bleeding during

Hemostank 10ml Bottle

Hemostatic for topical use contains Aluminium Chloride in it’s composition that acts mainly as astringent. Effective control of bleeding without

Instant Ice Pack

Addtech Large Instant Cold Compress Ice Pack is a one-time use compress that can be easily used. By squeezing the

Spongostan – Box 24

absorbable hemostatic gelatin sponge that is malleable and intended for hemostatic use by applying to a bleeding surface. • Sterile.•

Surgicel Haemostat 1.2cm X 5cm

DESCRIPTION Surgicel Absorbable Haemostat – Oxidised Regenerated Cellulose. Surgicel delivers a unique combination of effectiveness, absorbability and bactericidal protection. Proven