Abn Dual Head Stethoscope Black

  • A lightweight stethoscope with two-chest pieces for adults.

Airway Complete (pkg.24) Little Anne

Complete, Package of 24. 

Brayden Cpr Manikin (red Blood Circulation)

Demonstrates arterial blood flow during CPR Additional

Disposable Sling Each

Disposable Triangular Bandages (Slings)

Epipen Trainer

EpiPen Trainer – Individual Only the EpiPen Trainer should be used for practice, training and demonstrations. It contains no needle

Heartstart Hs1 Trainer

Similar to the HS1 defibrillator to improve training Train as if a life depends on it. Clear, calm voice instructions

Laerdal Manikin Face Shield – 6 Rolls/36

Disposable plastic face shield with a low resistance filter that fits over the manikin face. Used in addition to disinfection

Little Anne Qcpr

Little Anne QCPR allows an instructor to monitor up to six learners at the same time (using our QCPR Training

Medicrepe Elastic Crepe Bandage 5cm Pk 12

The Medicrepe (Elastic Crepe Bandage) Medium range is constructed from a blend of cotton and polyurethane fibres (spandex), giving excellent

Placebo Csc Inhaler

The AEROLearn Placebo Inhaler from Aero Healthcare is a non-medicated inhaler designed to provide a medically accurate replication for product training and learning scenarios. Designed to provide asthma sufferers and other inhaler users with a training device to learn how to accurately use the inhaler before trying with a medicated device. For training purposes only, these products are proven to enhance simulation-based training and improve student retention. To use on training manikins only.
    • Perfect for clinical training for patients new to inhalers.
    • Train hand and breath coordination prior to using a medicated inhaler.
    • Contains aerosol propellant, for training use only.

Prestan® Aed Ultratrainer™ Single Unit With English/spanish Languages, 3 “c” Batteries (installed), One Set Of Adult/child Training Pads With Unique Pad Sensing System, Pads Storage Tray, Instructions

The PRESTAN AED UltraTrainer is our most compact, lightweight AED trainer solution with full customization options to accommodate any classroom

Qcpr Upgrade Kit For Little Anne

Includes: Rib plate with pre-assembled QCPR sensor Ventilation sticker placement aid Ventilation sticker Reflector 2x AA batteries Jaw assembly with