ECG equipment is an essential part of all healthcare centres. To accompany ECGs, medical centres need reliable medical ECG consumables. Medical Dental Solutions understands how important it is to have quality medical ECG consumables, as they are important to ensuring the bigger equipment works correctly. Medical Dental Solutions stocks a variety of medical ECG consumables such as 3M red dot electrodes, Ambu Blue sensor electrodes, and Malem chips. Head to the online shop to see the full range available now!

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3m Red Dot Resting Ecg Electrode

3M ECG Electrode Red Dot Tab Style #2330 are reliable and user-friendly electrodes for high-quality trace pickup during ECG procedures.

Ambu Blue Sensor Electrodes 20 Packs 50

Unique construction, advanced production methods, careful and original design, application specific user features and proven quality make Ambu Blue Sensor

Cardioline Ecg Paper Ar2100 210mm Roll

  • ┬áCARDIOLINE AR model

Ecg Alligator Clip Grey Bx10

Locks on to tab electrode Snap and lock overstud Fits 3 and 4mm pins Holds electrodes flat

Ecg Paper Ar1200 120mm Z-fold

Cardioline AR Series

Ecg Paper Ar2100 210mm Z-fold (2920903)

210mm Z-fold

Edan Se12/1200 Roll 210/30


Paper For Ecg-mac Em-301 80mm X 20m Roll

Paper For Ecg-mac Em-301 80mm X 20m Roll

Red Dot Foam/gel Electrode Pk 50 (can Be Worn For Up To 5 Days)

3M ECG Electrodes Red Dot Foam 4 X 3.5cm are electrodes used for reliable and long-term patient monitoring with superior

Skintact Easitab Ecg Electrode

Excellent Trace Quality. The conductive adhesive Aqua-Tac hydrogel of SKINTACT easitabs provides a realiable signal tracing of consistent high quality.

Wa – Ecg Paper Z Fold Cp100/cp150/cp200 Pkt/200

210 x 280mm (WA Original) Z-fold