Are you aware that Medical Dental Solutions has a full range of medical sterilisation products available for purchase online? Our range of medical sterilisation products include Aquasorb Mircofibre Towels, Hendricks Ultrasonic Tests, Helix Test Sets, Sterilisation Utility Markers, and Titems Instrument Holders. Medical Dental Solutions understands how important it is to have high quality, reliable products in any health care facility. We make sure all our products are quality assured and enable physicians to complete their work with best practice, prioritising patient safety. To find out more about our range of medical sterilisation products, visit Medical Dental Solutions online store or call us today on 1300 158 685!

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Meditrax Emulator Class 6 400 Tests

Pack of 400 labels

Printer Ribbon

1 x ERC-05 Printer Ribbon

Self-sealing Autoclave Pouch 190 X 358mm – Box/200


Superior Water Demineralised 4l


Surgery Patient Record Sheet

The MEDITRAX Surgery Sterilization & Patient Traceability module is intended to identify and log every cycle of a surgery sterilizer