Here at Medical Dental Solutions, our range of supplies include Veterinary Equipment Supplies. Currently, we sell five categories of Veterinary Equipment: ECG machines, lighting, sterilisers, trolleys, and X-Ray Viewers.

Our ECG machines utilize the latest technology and have connections for USBs, high resolution thermal printers, or LCD screens. This enables physicians to view activity in a number of ways, with whatever viewing equipment you already have, making it a smart and economical product choice.

Along with selling excellent quality Veterinary Equipment Supplies, we also offer a wide range of solutions and services, ensuring our customers receive the best products. If a problem does arise, we offer maintenance, installation, and emergency repair services so you can get back to using the equipment as soon as possible.

With ranging products and prices, you are sure to find great equipment that meets your budget. Contact us today on 1300 158 685 if you want to learn more about our Veterinary Equipment Supplies, solutions, or other services. We’re happy to help however we can.

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Sterilisers (3)

Trolleys (5)


2 Drawer Stainless Steel Equipment Trolley


Coxo 1:1 Latch Head

Latch Head ONLY

Coxo 1:1 Push Button Head

Push Button Head ONLY

Coxo 4 Hole Air Motor

Low speed air motor:     1: 1 direct drive water

Coxo Contra Angle 1:1 Handpiece With Latch Head

Contra Angle Low Speed Handpiece – 1:1 direct drive

Coxo Contra Angle 1:1 Handpiece With Push Button Head

Contra Angle Low Speed Handpiece – 1:1 direct drive

Double – 2 Drawer (full Width) 800 X 500 X 900


Euroklav 23-s+ (22litre), Includeds 4 X Trays And Printer

The Euroklav 23-S is designed for applications in doctors‘ practices in which the instruments used and the types of instrument

Euroklav 29-vs+ 18 Litre; Includes 4 Trays + Printer

Melag Euroklav 29VS Autoclaves

Melag Euroklav 23-vs+ 22l – Includes 4 Trays + Printer

Melag Euroklav 23VS Autoclaves

Q3 Mobile Led Examination Lamp – Free Mobile Stand & Dimmer


Stainless Steel Single Trolley – No Drawer – 500 X 500 X 900


Trolley S/s 1 Draw 50x50x90cm


Trolley S/s 3 Draw 50x50x90cm