Accutron Digital

Precision in Nitrous Delivery

The Accutron™ Nitrous Flowmeter is a state-of-the-art system that enables healthcare providers to control nitrous oxide levels precisely. It offers a versatile range of nitrous concentration settings, from 0-50% to 70% in specific locations. This individualized approach ensures optimal patient comfort while minimizing potential risks such as overdosing. The precise control allows for safer and more effective treatments across various medical settings.

Safety Compliance

Safety is a paramount concern when administering nitrous oxide, and the Accutron™ Nitrous Flowmeter is designed with this in mind. It adheres to strict safety guidelines set by leading organizations like the CDC, NIOSH, and OSHA. Furthermore, its advanced scavenging system compatibility minimizes room contamination, effectively reducing health risks for medical staff. By aligning with these safety standards, the Accutron™ Nitrous Flowmeter ensures a secure and compliant environment for all involved.

Compatible with Circuits Designed for Nitrous

The Accutron™ Nitrous Flowmeter stands out for its high compatibility with circuits designed explicitly for nitrous oxide. This ensures that the nitrous is delivered efficiently and safely, optimizing its analgesic and anesthetic effects during medical procedures. By being compatible with such specialized equipment, the Accutron™ Nitrous Flowmeter adds another layer of safety and effectiveness, making it a trusted choice for healthcare providers.

N2O Ratio Control with 70% Max. The Digital Ultra® Flowmeter provides precise control over the nitrous oxide-to-oxygen ratio, allowing for a maximum of 70% N2O. This ensures optimal sedation levels while maintaining patient safety.
Dual Readouts for Each Gas Equipped with dual readouts for nitrous oxide and oxygen, this feature allows healthcare providers to monitor gas concentrations accurately, enhancing procedural efficacy and patient safety.
Audible & Visual Low O2 Alarms The device features audible and visual alarms to indicate low oxygen levels, adding an extra layer of safety and ensuring immediate response in an emergency.
Oxygen Fail-safe (Oxygen Flush) In oxygen failure, the device automatically cuts off the nitrous oxide supply. The oxygen flush feature ensures a rapid delivery of oxygen when needed.
Oxygen Resuscitation Connector The Flowmeter has a specialized connector for oxygen resuscitation, providing quick and efficient emergency response options in critical situations.
Directional Check Valve The built-in directional check valve ensures that gases flow in the intended direction, preventing potential backflow issues and ensuring safe and effective gas delivery.
Emergency Air Valve The emergency air valve allows immediate access to room air, serving as a vital safety feature in case of a malfunction or emergency.