Dr's Finder NEO
Apex Locator

Be Smart, Be Compact

provide accurate with newest technology.
is the best solution for endodontic treatment.
is the World Smallest Apex Locator.

W.L.S. function

Working Length Select function Doctors can select own working length for operation convenient.
Drag the screen on upper side to go setting mode.


Makes best accuracy with using 3 frequencies for exact accuracy.
Using latest signal IC makes improved accuracy and measuring quality.

Model : AL-DFA20 l Trade name : Dr’s Finder NEO l Power source : 3.7V Lithium-polymer
Main unitMeasurementApprox. 43 x 46 x 16 mm / Approx. 24 g
File hookLengthApprox. 200 mm (included hook tip)
Lip hookLength / Dia.Approx. 65 mm / Approx. 2.15 mm
Probe cordLengthApprox. 70 cm
Extension cordLengthApprox. 60 cm
StandMeasurementApprox. 43 x 67 x 62 mm / Approx. 52 g