C-Clear Operating Microscope
Imported materials img

Imported Materials

Designed by the industry’s top optical designers. The materials are
imported from Germany.

table bracket

5 level of magnification

Easy to switch within 3.5x/5x/8×12.8x/20x.
Easily deal with various situations.

wide angle

12.5x Wide-angle Eyepiece

Adjustable refractive device, Adjustable rubber eye cup height, Easy to use for doctors with glasses.

Power supply 100-240V 50/60Hz
Zoom range Gears zoom, 3.5x/5x/8x/12. 8x/20x
Eyepiece 12.5x wide-angle eyepiece, diopter+6~-6D
Binocular tube 0-180° angle adjustable, f=170mm
Objective lens fixed focus lens: f= 250mm Zoom objective lens: f=200-300mm(optional)
Lighting system LED bulb, adjustable brightness center illumination: ≥30000LX
Handle double handle angle adjustable