Portable X-ray System
Digimed Handheld X-Ray
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DigiMed Dental X-ray Unit Portable

This beautifully balanced and light-weight dental generator is great for the full range of dental x-ray imaging. The high frequency DC tube results in less patient exposure and higher image quality.
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Backscatter shield

To protect the operator from scattered radiation during operation, the Backscatter shield (More than 0.25mm lead equivalent and 6 inches in diameter) can be used. This backscatter shield should be positioned at the outer edge of the x-ray emitting cone before operating the device for X-ray exposure. Once the backscatter shield is fixed at the outer cone end, do not attempt to remove the backscatter shield or the X-ray emitting cone.

Tube voltage 60kV
Tube current 2mA
Focal spot 0.8mm
Time setting 0.01 - 1.60 sec
Weight 2.0kg