EzRay Air™ Portable

Weight Innovation With Cnt (Carbon Nano Technology)

The world’s first dental application of Carbon Nano Technology.
The EzRay Air Portable is lightweight portable x-ray device that is designed for easy handling and stable positioning, delivering optimal image quality for your intra-oral x-ray images.
Double Scatter Shield Design For Operatior Safety

Double Scatter Shield Design For Operatior Safety

Internal Shielding: The internal radiation shielding is perfectly designed to protect the operator from radiation leakage.
External backscatter Shielding:
Exposure to radiation results from the beam interacting with the surface of the patient, causing radiation to bounce off as radiation scatters in different directions. The backsactter shield significantly reduces the amount of radiation being reflected.
Lower Cooldown Times, Faster Workflow

Lower Cooldown Times, Faster Workflow

The EzRay Air Portable’s unique carbon-nano technology efficiencies, are not available in traditional x-ray generation methods, meaning there is a 75% reduction in cool-down time between shots when compared to leading competitor’s devices. This allows users to spend less time waiting for their x-ray to be ready and more time diagnosing and treating the patient.

Specifications (Ezray Air Portable: Vex-P300)
Focal Spot0.4 mm (IEC 60336)
Tube Voltage (kV)65 kV
Tube Current (mA)2.5 mA
Exposure Time Range1.0 sec
Total FiltrationMin. 1.5 inch AI
Source to Skin Distance200mm
X-ray FieldDefault: : 60 mm Round, 30×40 mm Rectangular / Optional: 20×30 mm Rectangular
Minimum Duty Cycle1 : 60
Power Input21.6V
Dimensions [Unit : mm]

No Warmup Time

With no initial start-up delay for conventional x-ray sources to warm up, the EzRay Air Portable’s Carbon Nano Technology optimizes workflow by allowing for quicker exposure after you initially turn on the device.

Lower Cooldown Times, Faster Workflow