Green 16

3D Scanning for Model

Green16 is an advanced 4-in-1 digital X-ray imaging system that incorporates PANO, CEPH (Optional) , CBCT and MODEL Scan.
It provides high quality images with lower radiation by combining imaging processing and accumulated experience in dental imaging from VATECH. This will improve your diagnostic accuracy with increased treatment planning and patient satisfaction.

Green Scan Time

The Green 16/18 minimizes motion artifact and enables faster workflow due to its scan time. It produces superb diagnostic images, which will be a source of pride for any dental practice. Focusing on the highest quality of patient care, Vatech strives to improve the health and safety of your patients.


Multi Fov Selection

What has been developed at Vatech breaks many conventions in dental radiography. It was always believed that with low radiation comes inferior image quality, which renders it useless in clinical diagnosis.
However, the Green 16/18 provides clinically diagnosable x-ray scans at a low x-ray dosage. With low dose radiography, achieving clinically diagnosable image quality is the new golden-standard.

Specifications [Green16 : PHT-65LHS]
Function>CT + Pano + Ceph + Model Scan
Focal Spot Size>0.5 mm (IEC60336)
CT FOV Size>16×9 / 12×9 / 8×9 / 5×5
Voxel Size (mm)16×90.2 / 0.3
12×90.2 / 0.3
8×90.12 / 0.2
5×50.08 / 0.12
Scan Time (sec)Pano14.1 / 7.0 (Optional with Magic PAN)
Ceph3.9 / 1.9
CBCT9.0 (16×9 ~ 12×9) / 4.9 (5×5~8×9)
Gray Scale>14 Bit
Tube Voltage / Current>60 – 99 kVp / 4 ~ 16 mA
WeightWithout CEPH unit134 kg (295.4 lbs – without the Base)
187kg (412.3 lbs – with the Base)
With CEPH unit159 kg (350.5 lbs – without the Base)
212 kg (467.4 lbs – with the Base)
DimensionsWithout CEPH unit1125 mm (L) x 1488.7 mm (W) x 2335.5 mm (H)
With CEPH unit1874.1 mm (L) x 1488.7 mm (W) x 2335.5 mm (H)
Dimensions [Unit : mm]

Scan Type Cephalometric

Green 16 provides optimal images with an exclusively designed sensor for cephalometric diagnosis.

Lateral / Full Lateral

Scan type cephalometric offers two image sizes, LAT and FULL LAT, you can choose one of them based on the purposes of your diagnostic needs.

Provide specialized high quality images to suit Full lateral gives 30% larger images and the occipital orthodontics and maxillofacial surgeries’ area of the patient for comprehensive diagnosis. (optional)