Surgical Tool
NSK Surgic Pro

Advanced Handpiece Calibration

Use NSK Surgic Pro AHC to calibrate micromotor and handpiece to the rotational resistance of each individual handpiece prior to operation. AHC guarantees extremely accurate speed and torque for maximum safety during operation.

Shorter & Lighter

This new surgical micromotor is 16.2mm shorter and weighs 42g less compared to the conventional optic surgical micromotor.


LED illumination helps the clinicians to focus more easily on the treatment area and contributes to precise surgery

Clearer : LEDs generate natural daylight quality light which gives clearer vision when compared to halogen light.

Durable : LED light sources are longer lasting and more durable than halogen bulbs.

Power Supply AC 230 V 50/60 Hz
Max. Pump Output 75 mL/min
Programs 8 Programs / Implant Systems
Dimensions W 265 x D 220 x H 100 mm
Torque 5-80 Ncm
Motor Speed 200-40,000 min-1
Light Power (LED Micromotor) Over 32,000 LUX
Foot Control Functions Program Button, Speed Control Pedal, Coolant Solution Flow Volume Button, Forward / Reverse Button