surgical device
W&H Implantmed Classic


The W&H Implantmed Classic offers the implantologist a surgical unit for daily use. The ergonomic design and ease of use ensures fatigue-free operation.

All programs can be set using just one user level – either by operating the device blind with the support of the foot control or by pressing the program buttons on the device itself.


With its ergonomic shape and perfect balance of motor and W&H contra-angle handpiece, it allows the user to work for an extended period without their hand starting to get tired.

For a stable implant

Its display with auto-backlight makes Implantmed easy and uncomplicated to use. The automatic torque control offers you support in the safe insertion of implants.

Max. torque at the rotary instrument (in program 4):70 Ncm
Mains voltage:110 – 130 V220 – 240 V
Frequency:50 / 60 Hz
Max. mechanical output power:80 W
Max. torque at the motor:5.5 Ncm
Motor speed range in the nominal voltage range:300 – 40,000 min -1
Straight and contra-angle handpieces:WI-75 E/KM / S-9 L G / S-11 L G / WS-56 L G / WS-75 L G / WS-91 L G / WS-92 L G
Length of motor cable:1.8 m
Coolant flow rate at 100 %:at least 90 ml/min
Foot control:S-N2
Height / width / depth:100 x 235 x 240 mm