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Incredible inside & outside

The standard versions of the Lara sterilizers already offer the fastest sterilization cycle in their class – including standard documentation. An additional, newly developed upgrade system offers even more speed and extended documentation if you so wish – and ensures you are optimally equipped even if your requirements change.

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Lara Sterilizers Ready for the future

You don’t need to be a lover of design to appreciate the Lara sterilizers. Their smooth surfaces are comfortable to the touch, the instruments are easy to load and the flat colour screen displays allow you to navigate through the intelligent menu structure quickly and with ease.

Trade name:Lara
Chamber size:17 l22 l
Power supply:200–240 V AC; 50/60 Hz; 10 A
Power consumption:2.0–2.4 kW
Overall dimension
(width x height x depth):
465 x 452 x 646 mm
Weight:42.5 kg44 kg
Main / Used water tanks:4.8/4.8 l
Working range:7 to 15 cycles
Usable space in chamber
(width x height x depth)¹:
195 x 195 x 312 mm195 x 195 x 400 mm
Connection types:2 USB ports (5 as option), integrated automatic water filling valve