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The power of efficiency

To prevent the transmission of infections, steam sterilization plays a significant role in the reprocessing of dental instruments. Thereby, efficiency and simplicity are crucial. The new generation of Lina sterilizers meet all these requirements and more: simple operation, ergonomic and functional design, appropriate sterilization cycles and upgradeable functions guarantee high efficiency leading to maximum results.

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Simplified work processes

The Lina sterilizer is characterised by an effortless handling, ergonomic and functional design. Ideal to simplify the sterilization process and thus to ensure an efficient workflow in your practice.

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Realised visions

Not only the outside, but also the technical expertise inside makes the difference. The Lina sterilizer is based on a sophisticated technical concept that offers future-oriented possibilities and significantly simplifies your workflow.


Trade name






Chamber size:

17 l

22 l

Power supply:

200–240 V AC; 50 Hz or 60 Hz; 10 A single phase

200–240 V AC; 50 Hz or 60 Hz; 10 A single phase

Power consumption:

2.0–2.4 kW

Overall dimension (w x h x d):

465 × 452 × 646 mm

Weight (empty):

40 kg

42 kg

Main/Used water tanks:

4.8/4.8 l

Working range:

7 to 10 cycles

Usable space in chamber (w x h x d):

195 × 195 × 312 mm

195 × 195 × 400 mm

Connection types:

1 USB port in the front (additional 1 in the rear as option), automatic water filling kit (optional)