Surgery Tool
W&H Piezomed

Still the force in bone surgery

Piezomed puts all the advantages of innovative ultrasound technology at your fingertips: High-frequency microvibrations allow cutting with incredible precision. In addition, with the so-called cavitation effect you can also ensure an almost blood-free surgical site.

Minimally invasive, maximally effective - Ultrasound technology in oral surgery

Piezomed facilitates the surgeon’s and implantologist's work: thanks to innovative ultrasound technology, only bone substance is resected with high precision. The surrounding soft tissue is protected. A noticeable relief for the patient: less pain, better healing!

Mains voltage:100 – 130 V or 220 –240 V
Frequency:50 – 60 Hz
Max. power consumption:90 VA
Max. output power:24 W
Coolant flow rate at 100 %:min. 50 ml/min
Length of handpiece cable:1.8 m or 3.5 m
Foot control:yes
Height / width / depth:109 x 256 x 305 mm