Equipment Repairs

Medical Dental Solutions technical department specialises in the repair and maintenance of Medical, Dental, Veterinary, Podiatry, Emergency, Mine Site and Oxygen equipment. Our team of technicians have experience repairing anything from your basic every day equipment, to the most advanced.

Equipment Servicing

We are manufacturer trained and authorised service agents for a wide variety of well known brands across the industry. This means that our technicians have extensive knowledge on how your equipment operates and what the maintenance requirements are. Having someone with this knowledge regularly service your equipment means that you are less likely to experience an unexpected and unwanted breakdown.

Some of the equipment we service but are not limited to:

  • Dental Chairs – Adec, Sirona, Swident and Sky.
  • Sterilisers – W&H, Melag, Cominox and Midmark.
  • Suction Motors & Compressors – Cattani, DMEGA and Nardi.
  • Terhmal Disinfectors – Melag and IC Medical

We also provide functional testing on equipment that doesn’t require maintenance kits to ensure they are performing within the required parameters.

Emergency Breakdowns

We understand the effect a breakdown can mean to your business and how important it is to get you back to work as fast as possible. With the help of our highly trained technicians, experienced office staff, diagnostic instruments and loan equipment, we can have you up and running as soon as possible.

Hire Equipment

Medical Dental Solutions have a large range of hire equipment available for you to use while we are repairing your equipment so you don’t have to go through the pain of rescheduling patients or risk losing their business altogether. We know which equipment is most vital to your business and have used that knowledge to make the correct equipment available to you.

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    Steriliser Validation

    Compulsory every 12 months according to AS/NZS 4815:2006 and AS/NZS 4187:2015

    The Validation process, also called Performance Qualification, includes calibration and chamber profiling as well as further testing to ensure that your sterilizer is capable of sterilizing the most challenging load that you process in your practice. Validation is required when installing new steriliser / autoclave and at least 12 monthly intervals. Validation may also be required at 6 monthly intervals depending on the age or cycle count of the steriliser / autoclave.

    Validation also requires the completion of Biological Indicator Testing. This is easy to do by practice staff and MDS can provide instructions, support and in house biological testing. Alternatively, MDS will complete biological indicator testing during validation to comply with AS/NZS 4187:2015.

    Our Validation Steriliser Service includes:

    • A heat distribution test – chamber profiling
    • Cold spot identification
    • Customer load penetration testing
    • Penetration Time/Time at Temperature Test Report
    • Validation Certificate and report to comply with accreditation
    • Maintenance as required
    • Detailed instructions and support for the completion of Biological Indicator Testing.

    We are equipped to validate any brand of steriliser and have the qualifications to comply with your audit requirements.

    Electrical Safety Test and Tag

    Biomedical equipment testing exceeds the standard office equipment electrical safety testing and must be carried out by a qualified biomedical technician with the appropriate test equipment that ensures every piece of equipment is electrically safe to use for both the patient and the user.

    AS/NZS 3760 – 2010 In-Service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment carried out by a general Electrician states in 1.1.7 This Standard does not apply to medical electrical equipment nor any equipment connected to medical electrical equipment in a medical electrical system as defined in AS/NZS 3551.

    NOTE – Test and inspection requirements for this equipment are contained in AS/NZS 3551.

    Our test and tag service incorporates functional testing and electrical safety using the highest quality fluke test equipment specifically for use on biomedical equipment. This will ensure that the electrical safety testing and compliance documentation will meet all regulatory audits and allow for practice accreditation.

    We perform this electrical safety testing to comply with AS/NZS:3551 and will provide the relevant compliance reports, including asset logs and test equipment certification to ensure your practice passes safety accreditation.

    Comprehensive Quoting

    Whether you currently use Medical Dental Solutions or not, we can provide you with a comprehensive and competitive quote prior to any work being completed. If you are interested in a quote on any of our services, please contact one of our friendly staff.

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      Choosing the right equipment

      Deciding on the perfect equipment configuration is not always an easy decision, so to ensure you get the best outcome, the combined knowledge of our technical and sales departments are at your disposal. Avoid difficult and time consuming situations where you purchase equipment that doesn’t fit in well with your workflow or meet the clinical demands.


      Located in Townsville our showroom features a broad range of equipment including A-dec chairs, ultrasonic scalers, handpiece cleaners, sterilisers, plant room equipment, diagnostic equipment, Zumax Microscopes and consumables. Take advantage of the additional showroom discounts we offer for specific equipment and view the product prior to purchase.

      Contact us for more information or to make an appointment to visit our showroom.

      Consumable Sales

      Not happy with your current supplier or simply want to make sure you aren’t paying too much? Ask us for a quote to change over your regular consumable ordering to us or check out the shop section on our website. We have access to hundreds of products at very competitive pricing and offer alternatives to a variety of products.

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        Looking to setup a new surgery / clinic, improve or expand your current one?

        We have you covered.

        Medical Dental Solutions offer a complete setup service for both Medical and Dental practices. Having been involved in a large number of setups over the past 13 years, we are aware of all of the requirement and necessities that go into any size project. We can also provide you with recommendations of specific trade people with knowledge and experience in this field.

        Whether you just want us to provide equipment, installation or a whole service, we have the expertise to help you. Short on time? Ask us about our project management service.

        Equipment Installation

        Purchased a piece of equipment that needs to be installed? We have experience installing a wide variety of different equipment. Provide us with the information on your new piece of equipment and we will let you know if we can install it.

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