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Dental Barrier Protection

Every dental practice and clinic requires quality dental barrier protection consumables for maintaining appropriate hygiene levels. At Medical Dental Solutions, we sell a complete range of dental barrier protection consumables online for your convenience. Our range includes plastic headrest covers, table drapes, intraoral device sleeves, handpiece barriers and a range of multipurpose barriers. Our premium range of dental barrier protection consumables means your dental practice can maintain its high standards of hygiene by using the best products around from Medical Dental Solutions. View our full range of products below and shop online today! 

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Barrier Film
A disposable high quality infection control product. Place over any object you might touch/ come int..
Ex Tax: $16.36
Fitted Tray Barrier (500)
Covers instrument Trays. Includes a "pillow case type" foldover at the open end for a clos..
Ex Tax: $21.82
Grab Bag 24 cm x 22 cm
For retrieval processes chairside to prevent glove contamination. Smaller than Tray Barrier / Freeze..
Ex Tax: $13.64
IDS Barrier Film Dispenser
* Sturdy durable construction. Clear material makes contents easy to see ..
Ex Tax: $40.18
Intraoral Camera Sleeves (500)
Box of 500 Universal Sleeves to fit most brands of Intra Oral Cameras ..
Ex Tax: $30.91
Plastic Headrest Cover (250)
Box of 250 Plastic Headrest Covers to suit most brand of Dental Chairs ..
Ex Tax: $20.00
Small Xray Machine Barrier (100)
Small Xray Machine Barrier 67 cm x 21 cm with 12 cm expandable gussets Covers x-ray cone area or br..
Ex Tax: $14.00
Tray / Multipurpose Barrier (500)
Tray Barrier/ multi purpose in a flat pack 46 cm x 24.5 cm with 4.5 cm expandable gussets Covers in..
Ex Tax: $21.82
Tray / Multipurpose Barrier on a Roll
Tray Barrier / multi purpose on a roll. New Stock with inner core for use on roller dispenser 46 cm ..
Ex Tax: $15.45
Triplex/ Handpiece Barrier Without Slit (500)
Triplex / Handpiece Barrier without Slit - 26cm x 6.5cm Covers all handpieces, triplex and other sl..
Ex Tax: $6.50
Triplex/Handpiece Barrier with Slit (500)
Triplex / Handpiece Barrier with Slit - 26cm x 6.5cm Covers handpieces, triplex and other slimline ..
Ex Tax: $6.50
Xray Machine Barrier (100)
79 cm x 35 cm with 12 cm side gussets Covers x-ray cone area or bracket tables. Quantity per box 1..
Ex Tax: $17.60