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Every dental practice or clinic requires quality dental cleaning & disinfectants to ensure appropriate hygiene levels are maintained at all times. We sell a complete range of dental cleaning & disinfectants online for your convenience. Our wide range includes both alcohol and bactericidal towelettes, detergent concentrates and sprays, wipes and Sonidet disinfectant. Our wide range of dental cleaning & disinfectants means your dental practice can maintain its high standards of hygiene by using the best products around from Medical Dental Solutions. View our full range of products below and shop online today! 

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Antifoaming Disinfectant Tablets (50)
Destroys foam in the suction system created by blood and mucus, as well as releasing a disinfectant ..
Ex Tax: $84.90
Aspirator Brush- Large
Independent Aspirator Brush ** 6 Brushes Per Pack ..
Ex Tax: $19.77
Aspirator Brush- Medium
Independent Aspirator Brush ** 6 Brushes Per Pack ..
Ex Tax: $16.95
Aspirator Brush- X-Fine
Independent Aspirator Brush ** 6 Brushes Per Pack ..
Ex Tax: $15.27
Aspirator Brush-Fine
Independent Aspirator Brush ** 6 Brushes Per Pack ..
Ex Tax: $15.27
Brass Bur Brush
 Telescopic hand with brass wire bristles * Length - 120mm ..
Ex Tax: $27.22
Clinidet 500ml  Spray Bottle
Description:  Empty spray bottle only  ..
Ex Tax: $5.00
Eco Jet 1 Spray 500ml
Eco Jet 1 Spray is a commercial grade disinfectant with a low alcohol content and pleasant odour. ..
Ex Tax: $28.00
Isopropanol 70% 5L
Isopropanol 70% Alcohol Sanitizer. 5L Bottle ..
Ex Tax: $30.86
Neutral Detergent Towelettes (220)
Tub of 220 Neutral Detergent Towelettes Neutral, non-ionic, decontamination and cleaning solution..
Ex Tax: $8.75
Nylon Bur Brush
Nylon Bur Brush ..
Ex Tax: $11.36
Nylon Handscrub Brush
* Ideal for cleaning hands, instruments, brus, trays ect. * Autoclavable to 135 Degrees Celsius * Hi..
Ex Tax: $9.00
Puli-jet Gentle 1 Litre
Puli-Jet Plus is a commercial grade disinfectant designed for use with semi wet, wet and dry suction..
Ex Tax: $36.90
Sonidet 5L Bottle
Sonidet is a highly active NEUTRAL liquid detergent specifically designed for both machine and manua..
Ex Tax: $32.36
Stainless Steel Bur Brush
Stainless Steel Bur Brush ..
Ex Tax: $11.36
Whitley Aidal Plus- 5L
* Contains Glutaraldehyde 21g/L * Stable Formulation, Ready to use, Use Undilated. * Aidal Plus is a..
Ex Tax: $52.09
Whitley Clinimax- 5L
Designed for use in manual & ultrasonic instrument cleaning. * Mildly alkaline * Multi purpose d..
Ex Tax: $34.55
Whitley Kobalt- 5L
Hospital Grade Disinfectant. * Contains: Benzalkonium Chloride 0.44% v/v 70% ethanol. * Use undilute..
Ex Tax: $51.45
Whitley Medizyme- 5L
Medizyme is a specialised enzyme containing detergent intended for the removal of blood, protein and..
Ex Tax: $90.27