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Bastion Bouffant Caps (1000)
Features: 14 gsm non woven polypropylene Lightweight and comfortable High quality ensuring..
Ex Tax: $40.00
Bastion Clinical Gown (100)
Features: 40gsm Non-Woven Polyproplyene Excellent protection, comfort and breathability Ve..
Ex Tax: $95.00
Bastion Earloop Face Masks
Features: 3 ply BFE > 99% Risk II Excellent breathability Adjustable nose bar for bet..
Ex Tax: $3.64
Bastion Face Masks with Ties (50)
Features: 3 ply BFE > 99% Risk II Excellent breathability Adjustable nose bar for bet..
Ex Tax: $3.63
Bastion Fluid Resistant Gown (100)
Front & Arms: 35 gsm non woven polypropylene with a layer of impervious polyethylene for a ..
Ex Tax: $125.00
Bastion Shoe Covers (1000)
Features: Excellent contamination prevention between footwear and work environment Comfortab..
Ex Tax: $95.00
Button Front Gowns - Pkt 10
* Blue knitted cuffs and collar Pack of 10 ..
Ex Tax: $33.09
Crosstex Face Shields
Features: Optically clear, distortion-free wrap-around face shield. 1.5” Foam headband holds..
Ex Tax: $135.00
Dochem Earloop Face Mask - Box 50
Box of 50 Disposable Face Masks Features: 3 Ply Excellent breathability Adjustable nose..
Ex Tax: $3.18
Dochem Full Face Shield
Features: Fog-free design Disposable shield Vented sponge cushion absorbs sweat 100% opt..
Ex Tax: $28.82
ImplanPlus Implant Kit
Description:   Now with surgical tip & adhesive film Components; 3 x Drape..
Ex Tax: $50.00
Independent Earloop Masks - Level 2
Features: 3 ply surgical sub micron Fluid resistant Level 2 Latex Free Hypo-allergenic..
Ex Tax: $7.09
OWEAR Bouffant Caps (250)
OWEAR Bouffant Caps are constructed from a non-woven, spunbond polypropylene fabric, which is antist..
Ex Tax: $19.25
OWEAR Theatre Cap
Non-woven, spunbond polypropylene is used to make all Owear® range products.  The weave of t..
Ex Tax: $38.50
Premium Plus Ultra Sensitive Earloop Masks - Box 50
Features: Comfortable, soft and non-irritating No restriction of breathing Permits air to ..
Ex Tax: $10.50
Premium Plus Ultra Sensitive Earloop masks with Shields
Features: Latex Free Anti-Fog Shield Comfortable, soft and non-irritating Water proof, e..
Ex Tax: $25.00
Vertex Surgical Gowns
Vertex Basic surgical gowns are non reinforced and have barrier protection of Level 2 (AAMI PB70:201..
Ex Tax: $109.30