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 Independent Autoclavable HVE Suction Tubes - Pedo
Autoclavable to 135 degrees, fully polished internal surface and edge for quiet operation and patien..
Ex Tax: $25.41
11mm to 16mm HVE Adaptor
11mm to 16mm HVE Adaptor ..
Ex Tax: $26.50
Cattani Evacuation Adaptor - C16
To connect 11mm tips to the 17mm terminal ..
Ex Tax: $4.00
Cattani Funnel Spittoon
Fits into both the 11mm and 17mm terminal ..
Ex Tax: $22.00
Cattani Saliva Ejector Adaptor - C15
Fits into the 17mm and 11mm terminal ..
Ex Tax: $17.00
High Speed Suction Tips (100)
One end vented, one end non vented. Quantity per packet - 100 ..
Ex Tax: $4.54
Hygoformic Saliva Ejectors (100)
Unique coil design is adjustable for maximum patient comfort, no irritating sharp edges, white. 1..
Ex Tax: $11.80
Independent Stainless Steel Suction Tube Adapter
The suction tube adapter enlarges 11mm to 16mm ..
Ex Tax: $26.50
Monoart Saliva Ejectors (100)
Disposable flexible saliva ejector made of non-toxic transparent PVC. Integrated copper wire for the..
Ex Tax: $4.50
Premium Plus Autoclavable HVE Suction Tubes
Features: Fits European style 16mm or standard 11mm Fully Autoclavable Packets include ass..
Ex Tax: $25.00
Saliva Ejectors Clear
Description:  Packet of 100 ..
Ex Tax: $3.65
Soft Touch Oral Evacuators (50)
Features: Soft Touch™ edge eliminates the risk of lacerating the oral tissue Rigid tubing st..
Ex Tax: $5.35
Steritip Surgical Aspirator Tips (20)
Sterile surgical aspirator tips. Individually packed, perfect for implantology, endodontics or surgi..
Ex Tax: $35.50
Suction Tube Adaptor 16mm to 11mm
Suction Tube Adaptor reduces 16mm to 11mm ..
Ex Tax: $26.50