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Hydralyte Ice Blocks Box of 16 (62.5ml) - Orange Flavour
Hydralyte Iceblocks contain a specifically formulated electrolyte solution combining the correct balance of essential electrolytes and glucose.

Hydralyte contains sodium which is necesssary for the body to retain water, and potassium which is vital for the functioning of nerves and muscle. Both these electrolytes may be lost very quickly and in large amounts as a result of diarrhoea and vomiting.

Hydralyte also contains a small amount of glucose a sugar that improves the absorption of electrolytes and water through the wall of the intestine and into the bloodstream. Hydralyte helps replace electrolytes lost during mild to moderate dehydration. Often caused by: * Bouts of vomiting and diarrhoea; * Sweating and lack of fluid intake due to fever; * Heavy sweating from heat exposure; * Excessive amounts of alcohol; * Heavy sweating during excercise; * Lack of fluid intake during times of general ill health.
  • Under 12 months: 1 x 62.5mL block every 60 min
  • 1-3 years: 1 x 62.5mL block every 60 min
  • 3-6 years: 1 x 62.5mL block every 60 min
  • 7-12 years: 2 x 62.5mL block every 60 min
  • 12-Adult: 3 x 62.5mL block every 60 min

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