Cephalometric (Scan Ceph)

The PaX-i provides optimal images exclusively designed for orthodontics.
There are two image sizes available, Lateral and Full Lateral, allowing you to choose your image size based on your diagnostic needs.

Lateral: Provides specialized high quality images to suit orthodontics and maxillofacial surgeries.

Full Lateral: A full lateral image size is 30% wider and shows the occipital area of the patient, which enables comprehensive diagnosis.

Two Dedicated Sensors

The PaX-i offers two dedicated and embedded sensors for Pano and Ceph.This not only allows you to capture an optimal image from each sensor,but it also creates an effcient workow.

One Shot Ceph

With One Shot Ceph, you can acquire high quality images with low x-ray dosage. Plus, short scan time markedly reduces motion artifacts.

Specifications (Pax-I Opg : Pch-2500)
FunctionPano + Ceph
Scan TimePano : HD 13.5 sec / Normal 10.1 sec
Ceph : Scan 12.9 sec / One Shot 0.9 se
Focal Spot0.5 mm
Tube Voltage / CurrentPano : 50~90 Kvp / 4-10 mA
Ceph FOV SizeSC
21 cm x 23 cm [LAT, PA, SMV, Waters View, Carpus] 27 cm x 23 cm [Full LAT]OP
30.5 cm x 25.4 cm [LAT, PA, SMV, Waters View, Carpus]
Gray Scale14 bit
Patient PositioningStanding / Wheel-chair accessible
Dimensions [Unit : mm]

The Advanced Imaging Solution For Accurate Dental Diagnosis

The Pax-i OPG provides the most precise and high quality panoramic images by combining image processing and accumulated experience in dental imaging from Vatech. This will increase your diagnostic accuracy for improved treatment planning and patient satisfaction.