Intra-Oral Camera
Sopro 717
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Sopro 717 Intra-Oral Camera

The camera that sets more than just the tone. Sopro, world leader in dental imagery has placed its know-how at your service by offering the SoproShade concept.

By combining a shade selection function with the Sopro 717 intra-oral camera, they can offer you a unique product allowing you to use your camera as a shade selection tool assisting you to make the proper colour choice.

Resolution (752 x 582) PAL; (768 x 494) NTSC.
Definition 470 lines.
Sensitivity 2 lux
Lighting 8 LED
Adjustment 3 pre-set positions (Extra-oral, intra-oral, Macro).
Angle of view 70°
Cable length 2.5m.
Weight 75g.