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Ainsworth Investo Modelling Natural Wax 500g

Investo Modelling Wax Natural Shade is a general all purpose wax that is carefully produced using the old-fashioned wax rolling

Ainsworth Orthostone – 5kg Pail

For orthodontics casts and study models, easy to mix, good fluidity, harder than ordinary orthodontic plaster. Easy to grind &

Ainsworth Pink Bite Wax Sticks – 56g

Preformed bite rims for setting teeth into. Medium hardness.

Ainsworth Yellowstone 5kg Pail

Super smooth pouring, excellent hardness and very low setting expansion make this the ideal dental stone for most laboratory processing

Plaster Trap Liners (10)

Replacement bag to fit a plaster trap

Retainer Boxes (12)

Box of 12 Retainer boxes in assorted colours (green, red, blue & pink)