A safe and efficient reprocessing workflow provides protection for patients and clinic personnel alike. Steam sterilizers and autoclaves are a prerequisite for a reliable instrument decontamination workflow in practice and clinic context.

To comply with Australian Standards,  a powerful blast of sterile heat to kill any lurking bacteria is required when reprocessing instruments. Our high quality sterilizers and autoclaves are the smart and convenient way to reprocess your instruments following treatment, surgery and cleaning.

We have a great range of sterilizers and autoclaves that have advanced features included LCD screens, programmable options and data transfer through a USB or PC. For the very best in sterilizers and autoclaves, MDSNQ is sure to have the product to suit your needs.

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Euroklav 23-s+ (22litre), Includeds 4 X Trays And Printer

The Euroklav 23-S is designed for applications in doctors‘ practices in which the instruments used and the types of instrument

Euroklav 29-vs+ 18 Litre; Includes 4 Trays + Printer

Melag Euroklav 29VS Autoclaves The Melag S Class autoclaves offer four sterilisation programs and two test programs. The test programs

Melag Euroklav 23-vs+ 22l – Includes 4 Trays + Printer

Melag Euroklav 23VS Autoclaves

Wh Lyla 22litre S Class Steriliser

The Lyla Steriliser is the ideal autoclave for your sterilisation needs. Sterilisation is deeply important in the reprocessing workflow of your medical instruments. The Lyla Autoclave: S type sterilisation is a safe and sustainable way to reprocess items, both wrapped and unwrapped. The Lyla steriliser enormously facilitates daily activities, thanks to fast cycles, interaction, reduced maintenance and additional upgrade functions to fulfil your individual needs.