Every health care clinic or facility needs a variety of medical weight scales and height measurements. These devices are used to accurately measure the weight and height of patients, which is essential when monitoring patient health and wellbeing. Medical Dental Solutions provides a range of different medical weight scales and height measurements including an entire range of baby scales, for all your smaller patients.

Medical Dental Solutions not only provides the scales and measuring devices, we also have a full range of weight and height analytics accessories. For example, the SECA 105 analytics software makes interpreting the measurements that much easier. Physicians can generate an analysis and interpretation of the measurements taken with just one button. These devices make tracking BMI, children’s growth, or a patient’s weight gain or loss, that much easier. To learn more about all of the scales and measuring equipment at Medical Dental Solutions, head to out online shop. All our medical weight scales and height measurements are available for purchase online for your convenience.

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