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Complete Oral Implant Kit #74

Contents: 1 x CC024NS  Blue Adaptor 1 x SD011NS  Surgical Drape Impervious (90cm x 120cm) 1 x SD013NS  Surgical Drape

Drill Sleeve Elasticised Clear On Card 120cm (box 30)

Drill Sleeve Elasticised Clear on Card (120cm) Pkt1 Packaging details: • Sterile • 1 Box • 50 individual sleeves packaged

Economy Surgical And Implant Kit (carton Of 8 Kits)

Procedure Packs and drapes create an aseptic barrier between the patient and external surfaces, substantially reducing the risks of contamination

Implanplus Implant Kit

Surgical Implant Kit. Includes: 3 x Drape (60 x 80cm) 2 x Impermeable table cover (120cm x 120cm) 1 x

Kidney Dish 700ml Environ

This kidney dish is Ideally suited for medical instruments, wound dressing material or wipes. Dimensions: 248 x 125 x 49mm

Standard Surgical Implant Kit

Contents: 2 x PA001NS  Surgical Gown 60gsm Sterile AAMI Level 2 1 x SD015NS  Surgical Patient Drape Impervious U-shape (180cm

Sterile 3/4 Patient Drape/u Drape (100cm X 150cm) With Adhesive + Tube Holders – Carton 80

Sterile 3/4 Patient Drape/U Drape (100cm x 150cm) with Adhesive and Tube Holders (Sterile, Single-Use) Packaging details: 10 drapes per

Sterile Surgical Drape Impervious (90cm X 120cm) – Carton 144

Sterile Surgical Drape Impervious (90cm X 120cm) Packaging details: • 1 Box • 18 packs per box

Sterile Surgical Drape Impervious (90cm X 120cm) – Carton 200

Sterile Surgical Drape Impervious (75cm X 90cm) Packaging details: • 1 Box • 25 packs per box