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Bum Bag Empty (red)

Bum bag with first aid symbol on the front.

Burnaid Large Industrial Kit – Heavt Duty Portable Container

Brand: Burnaid
  • Full body burn treatment
  • Rapidly cools burns
  • Portable

Custom 3 Series First Aid Kit Refill

Kit Contains: 25 x AREOPLAST Plastic Plasters 72mm x 19mm 1 x AEROFORM Conforming Bandage 5cm x 4m 1 x

Defender 3 Series Softpack Versatile First Aid Kit 19.5 X 13 X 9cm

Case: Softpack Size: 20 x 13 x 9cm Pricing Unit: unit/1 A handy kit for first response and a vital addition to any outdoor activities. Keep the whole family protected with the quality range of first aid products to treat common injuries. Ideal for travelling, the Versatile, Neat and Weatherproof cases have internal compartments to keep contents organised. For rugged conditions, opt for the Tough metal case which can also be wall-mounted. Both Tough metal and Weatherproof cases feature a rubber seal to maximise contents protection.

Glove Box Kit In A Folding Soft Pack Belt Pouch

  • For the car, backpack or picnic basket
  • Good for trekking/hiking
  • Includes basic first aid guide

Industrial Workplace Kit In A Wall Mounted Metal Cabinet

  • Meets Workplace Health & Safety Standards
  • For high risk workplaces
  • Wall mountable

Modulator Versatile Softpack First Aid Kit

Case: Softpack Size: 37 x 24 x 14cm Pricing Unit: unit/1
The injury-specific module kit you have all been waiting for! Meeting and exceeding standard workplace regulation contents.
Now including the popular Tension Indicator Bandage!
Highly visual and clearly labelled soft pack modules ensure fast and effective first aid application with the appropriate injury treatments.
Custom branding available for contents list and tamper tags ensuring that your customers will return to you for refills and repurchasing.
Contents meet Australian Standard AS2675-1983 This kit has 6 injury-specific modules to treat all common workplace injuries, is colour coded for fast identification and modules are secured with colour-coded velcro tabs to ensure ease of removal and hassle free servicing.

Office & Retail Workplace Kit In A Soft Pack With Handles

The Office and Workplace kit in a soft bag with handles.

Victor Bum Bag Kit

Small 1st aid kit packed in a VICTOR utility belt.

Victor Medical Case Kit

The VICTOR Medical Case Sports Kit contains first aid products appropriate for most sporting injuries. Encased in a bag of tough fabric construction with zippered compartments. Comfortable shoulder strap. High visibility. Dimensions: L 45cm x W 30cm  x  H 27cm.